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Is that Comic Sans though? 

Pizza Princess?
I definitely just opened up my phone to all of the photos that Isabel Dresler took of me. 
Which normally would be awesome, but I was in bio lab and was trying to find an image of a microscope slide for a group of students. 
Check her shit out though, she’s one of my oldest and bestest friends and does amazing work! 

Every once in a while I get this weird feeling of wanting to be in a relationship, and have these weird flashbacks of finding our house and making you breakfast and handpicked flower bouquets after the bars close and whispering goodnight. 

Then I go back to eating candy and garlic bread for dinner and marathoning bad tv and not showering for one more day and laugh at myself for ever being so stupid. 

The good life.

Sometimes when I feel really hopeless, I remember that diatoms are so small, but so beautiful and everything feels a little bit better. 

I don’t know how to stop. 

I don’t know how to be clean. 

I don’t know how to be sober. 

ADHD Moment of the Day: When you can’t remember if when you picked up your extended release meds you took them or just put them in your backpack. 

Spoiler Alert: By the time you confirm you didn’t take them (read: mentally a mess) it’s too late to take your extended pill.