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do you have self nudes? you look like a model


Honestly, for all of the pics I take, I’m surprised I haven’t found myself on the internet more.

turn-ons? :3

Being passionate about something. Anything. Even if it was ultimate ping pong, if that is your thing, that’s awesome.How people smile. Neck things. When people remember things, even little things. Pushing my hair back. People’s really small, weird mannerisms, like how people look when they think really hard or read something upsetting or even hand gestures. Spooning. Subtle things in public places. Not so subtle things in public places. Being open and honest. Being vulnerable. 

Pretty much everything else that human beings do too. 

cosmo tip #883


its the best time of year to be screwed! by exams

The world can be divided into two types of people: those who make flashcards and those who don’t.